Butter Day

Thank you Taryn, for the photo.

Perfect harmony? Butter and Blini.

Happy Butter Day all you Russians.

In Russia, масленица, or Butter Day starts April 7, and the observance lasts all week. My brother, who lives just outside Moscow, writes that Butter Week usually involves lots of pancakes, aka blini.

Getting a jump on the celebrations

Here’s good news for those in the U.S. who took to heart misguided dietary guidelines in 1977, warning us off fat. Butter is back in our good graces. Scientists have discovered cutting out saturated fats does not make people live longer. Consumed in moderation, butter is fine for most of us.

For more on Russian food, what it’s like at the dacha in the summer, and Russian winters, check out Dan Brooks’ new blog:


Cool interpretations of this week’s photo challenge:Harmony

Thanks to Stu Spivack for the featured header image.


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