Cook Books, Bloggers’ Books and Books We Like About Food


Dear Opl, Shelley Sackier. Courageous and funny, Dear Opl tackles teen angst, loss of a parent and childhood obesity, in one sweet story.

Opal’s father has died, and things haven’t been the same since. Her mother is distracted and worried. Worse, she’s leaving warning notes for her junk food-addict daughter (“Please don’t eat!”) in cookie packages, posting pictures of skinny models on the fridge, and buying “special” (i.e. diet) food. What’s a thirteen-year-old to do?

Opal drops the “a” in her name, a symbolic slim-down that’s more protest than compliance. Becoming Opl, of course, does nothing to satisfy cravings for pizza, M & M’s, potato chips, candy, cookies and chocolate. She tackles her problems head-on, with a little help from her friend, her G-pa, a homeless guy, a blog, even in the end, her harried Mom.

Looking forward to finding out if pre-teens enjoy this story as much as I did.


2 thoughts on “Cook Books, Bloggers’ Books and Books We Like About Food

  1. Hugely flattered to be placed on this lovely page and gorgeous blog. I’ve spent more money on wonderful books about food than I probably have on actual food. I’m an addict. Good food, good health and lovely good friends. Thank you for the wonderful nod of acknowledgement.
    I’ll be back to see where my hard-earned pennies should next be spent!


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