Sending a care package to our daughter, who is serving as a Peace Corps volunteer on the island of Ambae, in Vanuatu. Asked if there was anything she particularly missed? Herbs and spices.

Which ones? Anything  you like, she said.

Probably not winter weathered parsley. 


A luxury

Settled on a new favorite workhorse, Spike Natural Seasoning.


Ought to go well with fresh (really fresh) chicken roasted over an open fire.

278 Jan 17

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O Mio My-o, Placido’s Pasta Shop


When Beckie took her first bite of pasta primavera, her eyes closed. She made a sound that might have been a moan. We thought something was wrong.

“I think,” she said, “This is the best pasta I’ve had in my life.”

Lest you think Beckie is easy to please when it comes to restaurants: she isn’t. Placido’s Pasta Shop is special.

Tucked into the ground floor of the Hummingbird Building, you can almost miss it, but don’t. Everything is fresh and organic, bread and pasta made on site, sauces cooked to order. We’ve tried panini, pesto pasta, and that pasta primavera. Everything consistently great.

150 Shelton-McMurphey Blvd. Eugene, OR,  (458) 205-8092, Hours: 11:00 to 2:00, 5:00 to 9:00, closed Mondays.

Have you been to Placido’s? What did you think?